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Interested in Industry 4.0 - Factory of the future?

Software Development

Customizations of our systems to suit your needs, or create one of your own.


Create your own centralized monitoring system using our own backbone technology.

Assembly Automation

A comprehensive system that can monitor every process in your manufacturing plant, including: event notifications, vision systems, automated inspection, component serialization, and artificial intelligence. Your start to industry 4.0.

Real Time Asset Tracking

Track the location and flow of raw materials, work in process, finished products, and human resources inside your facility.

Wifi Systems

High speed, portable celluar internet with unlimited data.


Software/Hardware System design, process engineering and plant layout, lean manufacturing and kaizen training.

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Quick in Response

Our team is very agile and is able to respond quickly to requests, changes or any issues. In larger projects, we deploy staff onsite to assist in installation, training and immediate issue resolution.


We are comprised of a large team of engineers and software developers specializing in all facets of software development. But what makes us different is that we also have a 25 year history in automotive and marine manufacturing. Not only do we understand software/hardware/firmware design and requirments, but we have also have experience with mass volume manufacturing and its related challenges

Project Managment

We are experienced project managers that are able to deliver on time and on budget.


The value that we bring to a project is unbeatable both from cost and, more importantly, the savings acheived by getting processes under tight control.

Software Development

Konnected Technology Solutions is a leader in buisness automation solutions specializing in large scale projects that touch on every facet of a company's opperations.
With over 950 000 lines of code written our experienced software developers are capable of customizing
our systems to suit your needs, or create stand alone custom projects.

Assembly Automation

Our Products are made to work alone or intergrate with your current systems to manage every aspect ofyour production process.
A single system oversees every aspect of your opperation.

Automation Hardware

KIM: Konnected Integrated Monitoring

KIM is a branded, centralized monitoring system that can be adapted to your monitoring needs.
Receive instant notifications based on triggers, or use other property managment tools remotely.

Real Time Asset Tracking

Track asset flow through your production line with real time indoors asset tracking using RFID technology.

WIFI Systems

With service from cellular providers such as: AT&T, T-Mobil, and Verizon,
our portable cellular internet modules can allow you to enjoy high speed internet wherever you go.


Need a good solution for a production issue?
A problem that could easily be solved with some business automation?
We provide engineering consulting services for the following: